Falco - Palo Alto Networks Firewall Monitoring Service

You already have the best firewall, now take advantage of it.

Even the best technology is worthless if it isn’t configured right. Maintaining a secure firewall configuration is an ongoing requirement for your security and to satisfy compliance requirements. Falco will monitor your firewalls and alert you if there are any issues to fix.


During initial onboarding, Falco conducts a thorough manual review of the existing configurations based on best-practices and your unique requirements. The configuration will be monitored regularly to detect unauthorized changes. Device system logs will

be monitored with real-time alerts for the most urgent needs. Falco maintains backups

of your configuration should a disaster occur. This information is then processed by multiple automated correlation checks developed by the Digital Scepter team to provide answers to questions such as:

  • Is your PAN-OS system up to date?
  • Is App-ID properly configured?
  • Are your subscriptions properly utilized?
  • Are all policies properly configured?

Maintaining a consistently secure firewall configuration is paramount to satisfying compliance requirements and enforcing security best practices. Leverage Digital Scepter’s experience to maintain a secure configuration on your Palo Alto Networks firewalls.



Continuous firewall configuration check against best practices

Detailed automated reports

Ticket entitlement

Configuration backups

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