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Founded in 2007, Digital Scepter is a leading provider of robust and reliable information security systems. We help organizations of all sizes protect their mission-critical data, control employee Internet access, and navigate the complex landscape of security technology.

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Experienced in the field of Information Security

We are uniquely placed to ...

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Diagnose your security and firewall requirements, identifying weaknesses in your perimeter defense.

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Design a solution that meets your needs, achieves your goals, and fits within your budget.

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Implement this solution using software and hardware from the world’s leading brands.

Information & Network Security Services

At Digital Scepter, we provide a number of flexible services, designed to meet your specific and individual security needs. Our service range covers network analysis and testing, designing and implementing new solutions, and network monitoring services. Some of our most popular services include an Application Visibility Report, firewall configuration, management and monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing.

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Industry Partnerships for Leading Security Solutions

Digital Scepter has always been focused on being more than a security reseller. We take it a step further by offering a deep insight into the inner-workings of your network. However, the expertise that we can bring to your organization extends to our carefully selected network security vendor partners.

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