Palo Alto Networks firewall Healthcheck

Digital Scepter’s certified network security engineers are Palo Alto Networks experts

Our experts will verify your firewall settings to assure you that the devices are updated, configured correctly and giving you the return on your investment that you need. We’ll deliver a report of recommended changes to improve your security posture. It’s also a good time to consider new design options for your network in the future.


  • Analysis of firewall settings and policies to trojans, phone-home and other attacks
  • Software and subscription update settings and verification
  • Review of HA configurations and perform scheduled testing
  • Check and report on firewall traffic statistics for growth planning
  • Check and report on VPN and Global Protect
  • Evaluate security, captive portal and QOS rulesets
  • Evaluate and adjust URL filtering profiles
  • Deliver system reports of application use, URL categories and threats found
  • Recommend actions based on findings


Fix issues before they turn into problems

Proactive analysis of firewall policies, log files and settings.

Reduce management costs and put time back into your day

Ensure settings and policies are compliant with the latest best practices and threat signatures

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