Application Visibility Report

Find hidden risks

Most firewalls are no longer capable at providing visibility and control over modern Internet applications because they can only apply controls based on port number and protocol. They classify ALL internet applications as “port 80 HTTP”. Today’s Internet applications are not tied to a specific port or protocol, and often use SSL or evasive tactics to avoid detection. This may put your business at risk for malware infection or data leakage.

  • The top high-risk applications on your network. High risk applications are those that make it easier for malware and data-leakage to occur on your network. Once your know what they are, you can control them.
  • Which applications on your network are using HTTP. Your firewall considers these to be all “Port 80″, but we can tell you how much google-earth vs google-docs you have, for example. We can identify and control over 1000 applications, with new ones added all the time.
  • The top threats traversing your network. Find vulnerabilities and spyware on your network – then eliminate them.
  • Recommendations on how to easily increase your security and control over application traffic.

We’ll put a device on your network to “sniff” the traffic. It doesn’t require any downtime and won’t disturb your normal business operations. After the monitoring period, we can produce a report and review it with you to help you take appropriate action. There is no further obligation.




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