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How Windes & McClaughry Uses Zscaler For Productivity And Security

Providing business of all sizes with accurate and informative accountancy and consultancy services, Windes & McClaughry Accountancy Corporation handles sensitive data that needs robust protection against malware. Like many companies, Windes & McClaughry also depends on reliable access control software to enforce usage policies within the workplace.

The Diagnosis:

  “When we began to search for a reliable, reputable web traffic security service, Zscaler was near the top of the list,” says Norm DuBow, Director of Information Services at Windes & McClaughry. “We did consider some other alternatives, but Zscaler was by far the best tool for the job. It is testament to the quality of service offered by Digital Scepter that Zscaler recommended the company specifically to discuss what we needed to put in place.”

  “We have always enjoyed a close relationship with Zscaler,” adds Jon Robinson, Director of Digital Scepter. “We have a deep understanding of the most appropriate ways to deploy this kind of solution and are always happy to get involved in advising end-users on how to proceed.”


Designing The Solution :

  “We did have a few technical and implementation concerns,” says Windes & McClaughry’s DuBow. “But Jon and Doug at Digital Scepter were responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and able to provide straight answers to our questions. That just left us with the issue of pricing.”

  Since Windes & McClaughry was moving from another web security system to Zscaler, there was a need to discuss customized payment terms to avoid paying for both services at once. The team at Digital Scepter was more than happy to help.

  “We pride ourselves on flexibility and came up with some payment terms that worked for Norm,” adds Digital Scepter’s Robinson. “From diagnosis to design, from implementation to payment, we are always determined to create a solution that really works for our customers.”


Execution and Implementation:

  By choosing a reliable Zscaler solution designed and implemented by Digital Scepter, Windes & McClaughry is safe to do business without the threat of malware through employee misuse of IT equipment.

  “From start to end, Digital Scepter was genuinely interested in addressing our concerns,” says DuBow from Windes & McClaughry. “We received top-notch service from friendly, personable guys, who only offer well-chosen, quality solutions, set up on time and without any delays. Most importantly, we ultimately got a product that works well and does what we need it to.”

The Future:

  With Zscaler now fully operational at Windes & McClaughry, Digital Scepter’s Jon Robinson remains in regular contact with the firm and is ready to help should any further issues arise.

  “Things have been great since Digital Scepter’s services were implemented,” says DuBow from Windes & McClaughry. “Jon keeps in touch with us and it’s great to feel that should we need any more help with Zscaler – or any new information security advice – Digital Scepter is only a phone call away.”

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