Palo Alto Stuck Downloads

With Palo Alto Networks, you may encounter an Antivirus or Threat database download that never completes and hence appears “stuck”. This can cause your AV / Threat database versions to be out of date and thus put your network at increased security risk. This guide shows you how to check if you have a stuck download and how to clear it.

  1. If one or more of your dynamic updates are out of date, try the following from the CLI: show jobs processed
  3. If the most recent job has a Type of Downld (download), a Status of ACT (active) and a Result of PEND (pending) this could be the stuck download. 
  5. Make note of the ID column that’s associated with the stuck job.Issue the clear id command with the correct job id: clear job id XX 
  7. Restart the download process from the Web GUI after checking for the latest version. Alternatively you can locate problems with failed downloads from the System Log by applying the following filter: (description contains “downloaded”)
  9. Finally, be aware that in version 4.1.0 and above, you can show jobs from the GUI using the Task Manager Icon found in the bottom lower right.  Clicking on this icon will open up a pop up window showing the current and previous jobs.