Palo Alto Networks Highlights

Here are a few things that set the Palo Alto Networks firewall apart from the rest. To see more, please request a demo.

See what you’ve been missing. Find what you are looking for.

Within minutes of installing the the firewall on your network, you will see which users are using which applications - and whether they harbor any threats. The on-box reporting and logging is unmatched in other firewalls.

You can see which threats have traversed the firewall in a certain time period in summary format and drill down from there.

You can easily drill down to see which users and machines are the victims of threats.

Applications and users are fully integrated into the firewall rule set

You don’t have to create a “allow port 80 http” rule and then go to another solution or rule set to try to identify applications. Your policies can now say “users in the finance group allowed to use Oracle” or “marketing users allowed to access Facebook, but not Facebook games”.

Zero-Day Malware Detection

The Palo Alto Networks WildFire service identifies unknown malicious files by directly and automatically running them in a virtual cloud-based environment. If the files are indeed malicious, a signature is automatically created and delivered to all customers in the next scheduled daily content update. Combine this with their SSL decryption, identification of unknown applications and botnet detection and you have a powerful tool to fight malware.

Palo Alto Networks allows you to take control of port 80 and 443. Right now, your firewall is basically a piece of wire on those ports.