How a Next-Generation Firewall Can Keep Your Data Center Secure and Productive

Whatever the scale of your business or organization, the network infrastructure of your data center is often just as vital as the premises you operate from or the utilities that power your office. In modern business, data is your most valuable asset, and keeping this data protected against misuse and malware is incredibly important. Moreover, with almost every employee making use of networked IT in their day-to-day routine, maintaining compliance with acceptable use policies can be a difficult and complex task.

Unfortunately, the perimeter protection technology routinely deployed in data center environments is not always able to keep up with the developing trends in network use and its associated risks. These traditional firewalls utilize port blocking and IP blocking technology, but fail to provide detailed information regarding network use for more flexible network administration. By examining where user traffic is originating from or being sent to, as well as the application generating the traffic, and the content of the traffic itself, next-generation firewalls provide a robust, flexible, and highly adjustable solution for network perimeter protection.

In a recently published article, Securing Your Datacenter with a Next-Generation Palo Alto Networks Firewall, experienced Internet security specialist Digital Scepter discusses the limited capability of traditional port blocking firewalls to fight the battle against modern network integrity threats. In addition, Digital Scepter outlines the key benefits of choosing a Palo Alto Networks firewall for your data center, including the distinctive, unique features that make Palo Alto Networks firewalls an increasingly popular choice for keeping mission-critical data safe.

Powerful, flexible, and always available – Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls

Whatever the nature of the device you are considering adding to your network, there are always certain concerns that arise – and deciding whether to implement a firewall protection device is no different. If you have taken the time to design and establish a network that fundamentally meets your requirements, it can be difficult to make the decision to add a device that could possibly throttle network speed, introduce a single point of failure, or overly complicate your long-term network administration and configuration.

In our most recent article, Digital Scepter provides a clear, concise summary of the ways in which Palo Alto Networks firewall protection maintains multi-gigabit transfers, high redundancy, and consistently accessible administration via dedicated system resources that are made available even during an unexpected traffic spike. Digital Scepter discusses the benefits of these unique firewall features for enterprise data centers and Internet-facing data centers or web hosts alike.

In addition, the article looks at the reasons Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls represent the next logical step in the development of perimeter protection – including taking a comprehensive approach to monitoring users, spotting threatening applications, and implementing robust policies to keep your network protected, functional, and productive.

Palo Alto Networks firewall protection from Digital Scepter

Digital Scepter is a specialty provider of the hardware and software solutions that keep networks protected from malware or misuse, accompanied by the expertise and experience required to find appropriate network security solutions. We offer a complete network security service range, from diagnosing your existing network to identify threats, to designing and implementing the protection solutions that can defend your business for the long-term.

As well as being a Palo Alto Networks Platinum Level Partner, Digital Scepter works closely with a wide range of other providers including Zscaler, Tanium, Solutionary, Aruba, and Trend Micro. With our longstanding relationships with many Internet security providers, you can be completely confident that Digital Scepter has unrivalled access to the right security solution for you.

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